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Top 10 Players to Collect Down the Stretch

Here are my Top 10 baseball players to collect the rest of this season. With less than 2 months to go in the regular season, they are all having great seasons AND are on great teams. Whoever gets to the World Series (and wins it) from this group will get a nice bump in card prices:

  1. Mike Trout: The rookie has been the best player in MLB since he was called up. If he can win MVP and rookie of the year – and claim the AL batting title – then his cards will get another nice bump (like his prices after the All-Star game). Now’s the time to buy if you think he can claim all three individual records AND the Angels make it to the World Series. If you can get an auto card for under $100, GRAB IT! I just picked up a 2012 Bowman Platinum Gold Refractor/50 with auto and relic for $207, and I consider it a bargain. The same card on eBay bought before and after my purchase went for $250+.

  2. Yu Darvish: What can I say: he’s the hottest Japanese player since Ichiro to put on a pro jersey. He has put up monster numbers his first year here in America and we can only expect more from him in the future. His record was 11-8 in early August, and he’s not as effective as he was earlier in the season. But he has 6 great pitches and could shine in the postseason with lots of national attention.

  3. Albert Pujols: He is the best player of the past 20 years and with this down year (for him) the prices of his cards have lowered slightly on eBay. This makes him the perfect player to collect. With all the hot young players, collectors have been overlooking him. His career numbers will justify his card prices.

  4. Bryce Harper: At age 19 he is the fourth youngest player to ever put on an MLB jersey. There is much praise for this young star that has the highest priced rookie cards in history (while he was still playing). If he can stay healthy over the long haul, he has all the tools to be a legend.

  5. Matt Kemp: KeMVP had dominating numbers up until his injury earlier in the season. Nonetheless, he is still hot for collectors. The prices of his cards have gone from out -of-this world to high, making him finally available to collectors who missed the surge. If the Dodgers get to the World Series and he stays healthy, look for him to become an even bigger name.

  6. Josh Hamilton: He has put up career numbers so far this season with 30 home runs and a .300+ batting average, and who can forget that 4-home run game back in June. He is a collector’s favorite even with low career numbers due to a late start. Can he win a World Series after two straight losses in the Series?

  7. Yoenis Cespedes: Coming from Cuba, this rookie star has helped turn the A’s from a laughing stock into a serious playoff contender, even though the A’s have the lowest team salary in the majors at 54 million a year (Joe Mauer of my hometown Twins is paid 20 million a year!).

  8. Mark Trumbo: With all the hype surrounding Angels rookie leftfielder Mike Trout, people tend to forget their other rookie star, Mark Trumbo. His cards are low priced and worth it. Look for prices to surge as he continues to hit for power.

  9. Andrew McCutchen: Andrew has always been a threat at the plate and on the base path but not like this before. He is #1 in the standings for NL MVP and his cards are still a good price. Can the Pirates advance beyond one round of the playoffs? If so, he will be a household name and not just in the Keystone State.

  10. R.A. Dickey: He has had one of the best seasons for a pitcher I personally have ever seen (I’m 13 years old, after all), but there are 2 problems with him. One he is 36 years old and, second, this is the only good season of his entire career (with many more to come now that he has re-invented himself and throws his knuckle ball hard). Throwing knuckleballs, he could pitch until he’s 50, so keep an eye on him for many more years of success. Pick up a rookie card of the likely NL Cy Young winner.

TCSCC Fantasy Baseball Team

Welcome to my first blog entry! Here is my 2012 TCSCC fantasy baseball team (*denotes premium player; 2 allowed per team). Winner each month gets club bucks and overall winner gets $50 club bucks!

1B Albert Pujols* – Have a $250 Pujols auto relic card!

2B Dustin Pedroia

3B David Wright

SS Jose Reyes – Want to get his 2012 Topps short print card!

C Joe Mauer – I think he'll bounce back this season; needs to stay healthy

OF Jason Heyward – Have a nice Allen & Ginter 2011 mini card ($50)

OF Curtis Granderson

OF Josh Willingham – Wanted another Twins player; got his autograph on a ball at 2012 TwinsFest

Designated Player Jose Bautista*

SP Michael Pineda – Trying to get a lot of his cards; should go big-time with Yankees!

SP James Shields

RP Jonathan Papelbon

RP Craig Kimbrel

Any Pitcher Cole Hamels

Any Pitcher Dan Haren



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