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About Me

I started collecting cards and comics in 2011 when I was 12 years old. I love to workout, play basketball and enjoy music, video games and reading. I am now a senior in the University of Minnesota College of Science & Engineering.


I collect baseball, basketball and football cards from
the 1950s to today and comic books, primarily DC and Marvel, from the 1970s (Bronze Age). I am most interested in Willie Mays, Hank Aaron and Sandy Koufax cards from their playing days.

My father gave me his card and comic book collection in 2011 and I have been running my card and comic book business ever since. I hope you enjoy your collectible cards and comics as much as I do mine!


I also offer a few valuable autographed collectibles, which my mother acquired when she worked at Cable Value Network (now QVC) in the Twin Cities in the 1980s. These are genuine collectibles with authentic signatures, so please check them out.




When you make a purchase from DJ's House of Cards and Comics, I guarantee authentic items that will be
shipped to you safely and securely. Don’t like what I send you? Send it back, we’ll even cover the return
shipping in most cases. Once again, when we say you will be happy, we mean it!